I had a conversation with Chelsea Troy last week; it’s really fun to talk with someone you know of and respect from The Internet but have never met in real life before. We were planning on having a conversation about blogging process, and we did! But we also covered a bunch of other interesting topics, including:

I learned a lot from this conversation and we’re sharing it with the hope that there’s something useful in there for you, too πŸ’

πŸ”Š Here’s the audio!

πŸ”Š Here's the audio!

Topics, by timestamp

The timestamps are links; you can click them πŸ‘€

00:00:00Intros, Berlin, Chicago, Where is ‘home’?
00:02:35Chelsea’s current software engineering work, projects, live-streaming development
00:05:40Storyboarding and mobile UI, Starting with screens, Why is UI development always so fiddly, Huge evolution in Android over the last 4 years
00:08:20Fabian’s transition from Android to Backend, “Full Stack Development”
00:10:00Fabian’s job search, criteria, jobs with meaningful products.
00:11:45Has it been easier to find remote jobs because of Coronavirus?
00:13:20Chelsea’s trajectory, work-life balance, burnout, limits to concentration, productivity flux throughout the day
00:18:00High- vs Low-pressure software development, software development for fun, Terrible Sourdough
00:24:15Corona and work-life balance and staying inside all the time, weather in Chicago (US), Berlin (DE), Wollongong (AU), climate change
00:29:00“What a situation we’re in” – 2020 is the year of all the other shoes falling, Mercury stuck in retrograde etc
00:32:15Blogging! Writing Process, Robert Heaton on how to come up with blog ideas
00:35:10People don’t read code; how to prevent people’s eyes from glazing over
00:36:10Hillel Wayne on using appropriate examples
00:38:00Different types of blog posts and their motivation
00:46:15Blog posts in job applications, hiring
00:50:00Hiring and interviewing in general, resumΓ©s, “interview shape”
00:52:45Open source work, making it easy to contribute
00:56:30Splitting responsibility between management and individual contributor work
00:58:25Intersection between social / cultural issues and technical work
01:08:00From amorphous idea to blog post
01:14:25Making sure your work is seen by people, motivation
01:20:00Testing on mobile