Buildings in Reykjavik are blue and white and classic and overwhelming practical and perfectly encapsulate humanity in the icy wild (I wonder how it feels in summer?)

The first thing you notice is how overwhelming present the mountains are. In reflections, in the windows of ugly churches

The Hallgrimskirkja, with a reflection of a mountain barely visible in the window

I love this ugly church

At construction sites

a construction site with a snow-capped mountain visible through a gap in the girders

At the ends of narrow streets

a backstreet with parked cars and a snow-capped mountain in the background
a street that looks like a shopping mall, with the ocean and a mountain in the background

Everywhere. Always.

A carpark, with a snowy mountain in the background

This is a city

on a hill

on a harbour

on the edge of the earth.

Everything is through this lens; the city’s character comes through this, and despite this.

a house
another house, number 42
A more ornate house with a sky-blue corrugated steel roof. It says Bjarg 1920 on the front.



buildings on the edge of a frozen lake
buildings on the edge of a frozen lake, also a church this time
people ice-skating on a frozen lake