I’m Fabian. I take ideas and combine them with other ideas to make new ideas. An economics professor pitched the concept to me as recombinating back in 2011. It’s the only thing I remember from his class (aside from the sing-song way in which he said “Dis-ruuuuup-tive In-no-vhaaaaaa-tion”).

Ahem. Hopefully I’ll eventually have time to put those new ideas into words, and then I’ll put them here. But mostly I just take photos of things that I’m up to and put them on Instagram.

I am obsessed with

  • Coffee.

coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee

  • Things that don’t have to be mechanical anymore but are still stubbornly mechanical.

Typewriters Flip clocks Heater controls
(It’s probably because digital isn’t always better. ‘The Best Interface is No Interface’ by Golden Krishna unpacks this really well.)

  • Emoji. No, seriously, they’re fascinating as a cultural phenomenon.

  • The idea of democratizing innovation – giving people the tools to build solutions to their problems. The idea of building solutions with people, as opposed to building solutions for people, especially in communities currently underserved by technology.

  • Creative business, and the idea that profit and social impact aren’t mutually exclusive.

  • New designs for old problems,

like this clock and this umbrella.

  • The way the Internet is shaping culture and culture shapes the Internet.
    Recommend reading: The Shallows, by Nicholas Carr.

  • Eggplant 🍆. It’s my spirit vegetable.

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